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  • Welcome to The Techie One website!
    Integrity you can trust.
    Experience you can count on.
  • Expert computer
    Computer repair and custom computer builds.
  • Top notch
    computer consulting
    Expert consulting for any need you have.
  • Professional network installation and maintenance
    High quality network installation/maintenance for small to large organizations.
  • Expert web design
    Beautiful and functional website design for many applications.

Welcome to The Techie One website!

At The Techie One we have been providing reliable and intelligent computer repair, building, website design, and consulting in the Bay Area since 1997. The Techie One strives to provide excellent, quality, and reliable service. We will diagnose your computing problems with expert knowledge and experience. Whether an individual, non-profit,, or for-profit business, we will handle your request in the same way.

Why Choose Us ?

The answer is simple: integrity. The Techie One recognizes how important trust is and we make every effort to convey this to our clients. We will always provide you with an honest, objective evaluation of your situation. Whether it's technical need or budgetary constraints, we will give you a solution that meets your goals. If you would like, we will always be happy to provide references that will help you come to the conclusion that you have found the right company.

What We Can Do For You

Just about anything when it comes to technology. We keep up on all the new trends and have a good grounding in the past, so we can advise you what is best for your particular circumstance. We want to solve your problems.

The Techie One Pledge

The Techie One will always make our greatest effort to provide the highest quality service while maintaining a strong commitment to honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness with all of our clients.  Whether you are seeking assistance with basic training, or are interested in technical support, The Techie One is a professional and reliable IT source.

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