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Computer Repair

Inside a computerComputer Repair

The Techie One is your one stop shop for computer repair. With my extensive years of experience I can do most any repair. Need an OS reinstalled? Have a hardware problem? Do you have a pesky virus/spyware that keeps coming up? Have something that is wrong and you don't know what it is? I can do it for you. If you have any kind of computer problem The Techie One most likely can handle it. If I can't do it I can send you to the correct person.

Computer Consulting

The Techie One specializes in building custom computers. We tailor our computers to your needs. You can save money by only getting what you want on the computer. The Techie One uses reliable and efficient parts in our computers. Your computer will also be upgradeable in the future.

We aim to please!

You want that monster gaming system? You want a nice computer for the kids? You want a green computer? I can do it for you. Let me tailor a computer just to your tastes, contact me.