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etdouglas's blog

Marin events planned to mark Black History Month

(Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal)

Film screenings, art and culture talks and discussions about the Black experience are set to commemorate Black History Month in Marin. The annual observance has been held in February since 1976 to honor the achievements of African Americans and recognize their role in the nation’s history. “Black history is American history,” said Stephanie Hartwell-Mandella, the branch manager of the Corte Madera Library and the Marin County Free Library Black History program manager.

New Marin City Library Program Helps Kids Learn on the Internet

Trevor Steinbaugh, left, and his mom, Tensy Botto connects to the internet using a library-issued laptop and a Wi-Fi hotspot device at the Marin City Library. The library has launched a new program to help kids without access to the internet. Courtesy County of Marin

A new program at the Marin City Library is helping a group of students learn by providing free access to the internet.

Marin City Library staff members have set up the mobile “hotspot” devices allowing internet access for students who do not have computer equipment at home. The hotspots give the students Wi-Fi internet access anywhere where they can receive cellular reception.

Intelligence-sharing by Marin Librarians Leads to Counterfeiting Arrest in Fairfax

Counterfeit twenty dollar bill

A man suspected of scamming Marin librarians is getting the book thrown at him.

Daniel Han Shi, 26, of San Francisco was charged with burglary, forgery and counterfeiting counts after allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at the library in Fairfax.

Fairfax librarian Margaret Miles called police Monday night after spotting Shi at her counter. Seconds earlier, she had received a chain email from other librarians about a man similar to Shi who was breaking counterfeit $20s to get smaller bills for the copy machine.

Marin Library Bouncing Back after Recession

The Marin City library is bouncing back after the recession by opening on Fridays and offering new technology.

When was the last time you passed by a public library and saw that it was closed? The recession made that a common sight but now, libraries are starting to bounce back.

"When I went to a library when I was young, it was just books and that's how I thought of libraries as just books," Marin City Library Webstars Coordinator Etienne Douglas said.

So what in the world is a 3D printer doing at the library.

"We want to introduce people to emerging technologies," Douglas said.

Marin Snapshot: San Rafael Man Runs Youth Technology Program in Marin City

Etienne Douglas manages the Webstars program at the Marin City Library, teaching high school students how to use a variety of computer programs. Robert Tong — Marin Independent Journal

Etienne Douglas of San Rafael has been interested in computer technology since he was 5-years-old, playing with gadgets his stepfather, who was employed by IBM, brought home from work.

Douglas, 38, shares his ongoing passion for computers by running the Marin WebStars youth technology program at the Marin City Library. Since 2004 he’s been teaching high school students how to use a variety of computer programs, including the software that runs the library’s 3-D printer. In exchange, the students are employed by the library to help visitors with all their technological needs.

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